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  A Welsh Course: An excellent hypertext introduction to the language.

Berfau Cymraeg: Chris Groom's NEW page on Welsh verbs and their conjugation.

Bwrdd yr Iaith Gymraeg: The Welsh Language Board.

Catchphrase: Lessons in Welsh for beginners and more advanced students courtesy of the BBC Catchphrase program. You can even sign up for a weekly Welsh learners' newsletter.

The Celtic Studies Program of the University of California, Berkeley: Offers classes in both Modern and Middle Welsh.

Clic Clic Cymraeg: A Welsh course suitable for beginners provided by Coleg Menai.

Clwb Llanllawen: A Welsh learning venture attached to Coleg Llysfasai in Rhuthun, Denbighshire. It provides activities for Welsh learners of all levels in order to help them practice Welsh in a fun and informal way.

Clwb Malu Cachu: The Clwb is "the e-mail equivalent of a leisurely pint and bag of pork scratchings at your local pub." It is intended for Welsh learners, Welsh speakers and people who would like to learn Welsh.

CYD: A movement that offers social opportunity to bring Welsh learners and speakers together.

Cydweli Welsh Course: A Welsh course, a Welsh-English dictionary and a Welsh for Travellers section are a part of the "Cydweli" website.

Dyna Hwyl!: A new multimedia course on two CD-ROMs.

Ffwrdd  Ni: Fwrdd  Ni ("Away We Go") is a Welsh language course that gives the student private tuition online.

Geiriadur Prifysgol Cymru - A Dictionary of the Welsh Language: Interesting information on the first standard historical Welsh dictionary.

Get Fluent: A subscription company that e-mails you a weekly lesson in Welsh (or French).

History and Status of the Welsh Language: Questions and answers regarding the Welsh language.

Less Commonly Taught Languages Project: Welsh: A list containing colleges and universities that offer coursework in the Welsh language.

Popeth Cymraeg: Welsh Unlimited: Welsh Unlimited operates as a 'One Stop Shop' for the Welsh language. The web site is just part of our aim to provide a complete service to people wishing to learn Welsh, wherever they might live.

Reading Middle Welsh: An on-line textbook on Middle Welsh. Based on the language of the Mabinogi, it was written by the late Professor Gareth Morgan.

Research Bibliography by Chris Grooms: Contains most basic reference works for students of English and Celtic languages.

Subscribe to WELSH-L: An email list for learners and others (including native speakers) who want a discussion in Welsh about Welsh and other topics. The use of English on this list is discouraged. Good for for those who want to practice their Welsh with native speakers and more advanced learners. Includes a searchable archive of the list from Feb 1993 to the present.

Subscribe to CYMRAEG-L: An email list for learners who are not yet comfortable with an all Welsh environment. Posts generally are in Welsh with either an English translation or a brief vocabular following but posts in English alone are permitted if you are not yet ready to give the Welsh a go. Archives from April 97 to the present.

TeachMe! Welsh: CD-based Welsh language learning produced by Sain.

Welsh Authors: This work should aid experienced learners fill the gaps between speaking, writing and reading the Welsh language.

Welsh-English, English-Welsh Dictionary: Searching lexicon requires forms support.

Welsh-English-Catalan Dictionary: A useful tool for Welsh language students with over 7,000 words listed.

Welsh Language: The Welsh language section of the "Suite101" web site. Articles, discussions and links to Welsh language resources hosted by Cwrs Cymraeg student Sarah Baig.

Welsh Learners: A group for people learning Welsh to practice and support one another. It is open to all Welsh learners from those just starting to those fluent.

Y Wennol: An on-line monthly magazine with articles for Welsh learners by Welsh learners.

Write Welsh: This group is primarily for learners who have a certain grasp of the essentials and who want to progress through the practical process of writing and reading Welsh

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