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Cymdeithas Madog's goal is to help students learn Cymraeg ("the Welsh language"). In order to do this, Cymdeithas Madog has prepared a range of learning materials to help you. The materials, written by Cymdeithas Madog teachers and students, range from grammar lessons and book lists to poetry and jokes. Have a look at what Cymdeithas Madog can do to help you learn Welsh.

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  Sut I Ddechrau Dysgu Cymraeg/How to Get Started Learning Welsh: If you're interested in learning the language of heaven but aren't sure how to find materials or classes, here are some helpful hints (pdf format - 99 kb).

Darlleniadau Yn Saesneg/Readings In English: Here are some articles from Cyfeillion Madog to help you with your Welsh. Learn how to use that Welsh-English dictionary. And is it a "gymanfa ganu" or a "cymanfa ganu"?

Darlleniadau Yn Gymraeg/Readings In Welsh: Read short stories, poetry and cwrs reports in Welsh by some of Cymdeithas Madog's top teachers. It's a great chance to practice your Welsh reading skills.

Llyfrau I Ddysgwyr/Books For Learners: What books, dictionaries and language courses are available for learners? Here's a list of what other students have said that they use.

Adolygiadau Deunyddiau Dysgu/Reviews Of Learning Materials: What do your fellow students think of some of the learning materials available? What do some of the teachers think? Here are reviews of some of the materials available in North America.

Cystadleuaeth Y Gadair/The Chair Competition: Just as the National Eisteddfod of Wales awards a chair to the winning bard each year, so does Cymdeithas Madog. Each Cwrs Cymraeg Welsh language week, Cymdeithas Madog holds a Welsh language literary composition competition among the students. The winner is awarded the Cymdeithas Madog chair. Read the winning entries in Welsh and in English translation.

Gramadeg/Grammar: Sometimes you just want to know how Welsh works. Here are some articles from Cyfeillion Madog, Cymdeithas Madog's annual newsletter, on that most dreaded of subjects: Welsh grammar.

Hiwmor/Humour: After studying your Welsh grammar, you need a little bit of humour in your life. Here are some Welsh jokes and light hearted articles about yr hen iaith ("the old language").

Caneuon/Songs: They say that Wales is the land of song. On a Cymdeithas Madog Welsh language week, we try our level best to live up to this reputation. Here are some of the songs and hymns we like to sing on Cwrs Cymraeg.

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