Old Jokes From Cwrs Cymraeg

On each year's Cwrs Cymraeg, there's an official cwrs newspaper. And inevitably, there are a few good (and some not so good) jokes. Here is a selection of Cwrs Cymraeg jokes in English.

A big diolch yn fawr to all the students and staff who thought up these jokes.

Nol I Dudalen Cartref Hiwmor

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Cwrs Cymraeg Jokes

Q. Why are the light switches in Wales labeled ON and OFF in English?

A. Because the Welsh can tell when the light is on!


Two Welshmen meet in heavan, sitting on St. Peter's bench before the Pearly Gates.

"So what brings you here, Tom?"

"Hypothermia", replies Tom. "Froze to death. What about you, Gwyn?"

"Well, Tom, I was so sure my wife was having an affair, I bought a shotgun, came home and searched everywhere: the bedroom, the kitchen, the basement -- everywhere! Didn't find anyone so, in despair, I shot myself".

"Esgob," says Tom, "If you had only looked in the freezer, we might both still be alive.


A lady takes her dog to the vet.

"What's wrong with him?" she asks.

The vet looks the dog over. "He's dead, Mrs. Williams."

"Dead? No, he's not. I want you to perform some tests to see what's wrong with him." demands Mrs. Williams.

The vet takes a mangy alley cat, clawing and scratching, out of a cage. He holds it by the dog's head. Nothing! By the dog's middle...nothing! By the dog's tail...nothing!

"He's definitely deceased," repeats the vet. "That will be 500 pounds."

"Five hundred pounds", screams Mrs. Williams.

"Yes", says the vet, "One hundred pounds for the examination and four hundred pounds for the cat scan!"

Draig Cymdeithas Madog

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12 Mawrth/March 2000

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