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Cwrs Cymraeg is not all hard work. Among all the Welsh language learning, there's always a few laughs. Read some of the Cwrs Cymraeg humour over the years.

Nol I Dudalen Cartref Y Dysgwyr

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  Mutations And Their Side Effects (gan/by Diana Moller): A look at Welsh grammar and its hazardous effects on the human body.

Battle Hymn Of Cwrs Cymraeg (gan/by Ellis Jones): A light hearted song about learning Welsh at Cwrs Cymraeg Iowa, 1997

Jôcs Yn Saesneg/Jokes In English: On each Cymdeithas Madog course, the course newspaper contains several good (and sometimes not so good) jokes.

Jôcs Yn Gymraeg/Jokes In Welsh: Bob cwrs Cymdeithas Madog, mae papur y cwrs yn cynnwys sawl jôc dda (a sawl jôc wael).

 Draig Cymdeithas Madog

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