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Llyfrau I Ddysgwyr / Books For Learners

For a small country, Wales has a very large publishing industry. This can be seen in the number of books and other learning resources for learners. There are literally hundreds of Welsh language courses, dictionaries, grammars, books and other materials available. Here are a list of just some of material that a learner might find interesting.

Please note that these lists are not intended to be inclusive of all the material available. It is simply a list of materials suggested by learners who have attended Cymdeithas Madog courses over the years. Further, it should be noted that some of these books may no longer be in print.

Nol I Dudalen Cartref Y Dysgwyr

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  Cyrsiau A Llyfau Gramadeg/Course And Grammars: A list of books that teach how to speak Cymraeg ("the Welsh language")

Geiriaduron A Llyfrau Geirfa/Dictionaries And Vocabulary Books: A list of dictionaries plus other materials to help learners broaden and expand their vocabularies.

Llyfrau I Ddysgwyr Ac Adnoddau Darllen Eraill/Books For Learners And Other Reading Resources: A list of books intended for reading by Welsh language learners. Many include vocabulary lists.

Llyfrau Eraill Am Y Gymraeg/Other Books About Welsh: A list of various books about the Welsh language.

Oes Gynnoch Chi Awgrymiadau?/Do You Have Any Suggestions?: Are there any books that help you to learn Welsh that are not on the list? Send them to our webmaster. Please include title, author and publishing information (e.g., company, place of publishing, year and ISBN).

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