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Readings In English

Here are some articles in English that have appeared in Cyfeillion Madog, Cymdeithas Madog's annual newsletter. Though not strictly about grammar, they give you a helping hand in learning Welsh.

Nol I Dudalen Cartref Y Dysgwyr

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  How To Find Words In A Welsh Dictionary (gan/by Alun Hughes): Ever come across a Welsh word that you just couldn't find in your Welsh-English dictionary? It's frustrating. Here's some advice by Cymdeithas Madog's master of grammar to help you find out what that mystery word means.

The Cymdeithas Madog Guide To Welsh Hymn Lyrics (gan/by Robert A. Fowkes): Cymdeithas Madog has produced tapes to help new students learn to pronounce Welsh correctly. Here's a review of the Hymn Lyrics tape by a long time Cwrs Cymraeg Welsh language week student.

The Origin Of The Species "Gymanfa Ganu" And Its Variants (gan/by Alun Hughes): Perhaps you've attended a cymanfa ganu Welsh hymn service and sung all those beautiful Welsh hymns. Or was it a "gymanfa ganu" hymn service? Cymanfa? Gymanfa? Alun clears up the the mystery behind the word.

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Darlleniadau Yn Saesneg/Readings In English