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Cwrs Cymraeg Dinas Y Roced: What Kind Of Cwrs Was It?  It Was A Blast (Off)!

  • 09. Dosbarth Angharad

    09. Dosbarth Angharad

  • 2016_NosonLawen_10


  • 2016_NosonLawen_04


  • 2016_NosonLawen_02


  • Y Bwrdd Cymraeg

    Y Bwrdd Cymraeg

  • 10. Dosbarth Cris

    10. Dosbarth Cris

  • 2016_NosonLawen_08


  • 2016_Eisteddfod_10


  • 2016_Eisteddfod_11


  • Books, Books

    Books, Books

  • 2016_Eisteddfod_05


  • 2016_NosonLawen_12


  • 2016_Eisteddfod_09


  • 2016_Eisteddfod_04


  • Quiz Night

    Quiz Night

  • Practice Makes Music

    Practice Makes Music

  • 2016_Eisteddfod_08


  • 05. Dosbarth Meleri

    05. Dosbarth Meleri

  • 2016_NosonLawen_03


  • 2016_Eisteddfod_06


  • 2016_NosonLawen_11


  • Quiz Night

    Quiz Night

  • A Beverage

    A Beverage

  • 2016_Eisteddfod_07


  • 06. Dosbarth Antone

    06. Dosbarth Antone

  • 08. Dosbarth John

    08. Dosbarth John

  • 2016_NosonLawen_14


  • 01 - Cwrs Cymraeg 2016

    01 - Cwrs Cymraeg 2016

  • 2016_NosonLawen_07


  • Selfie, Dosbarth 04

    Selfie, Dosbarth 04

  • Scrabble Scramble

    Scrabble Scramble

  • 07. Dosbarth Robert

    07. Dosbarth Robert

  • 2016_Eisteddfod_01


  • 2016_Eisteddfod_03


  • 2016_NosonLawen_06


  • 2016_Amrywiol_07


  • 02 - Bwrdd Cymdeithas Madog / The Cymdeithas Madog Board of Directors

    02 - Bwrdd Cymdeithas Madog / The Cymdeithas Madog Board of Directors

  • 2016_Eisteddfod_02


  • Workshop


  • Games Night

    Games Night

  • 2016_NosonLawen_13


  • Cwrs Banquet

    Cwrs Banquet

  • 2016_NosonLawen_09


  • 04 - Tiwtoriaid / Tutors

    04 - Tiwtoriaid / Tutors

  • Cwrs Banquet

    Cwrs Banquet

  • 2016_NosonLawen_01


  • 03 - Enillwyr Ysgoloriaethau / Scholarship Winners

    03 - Enillwyr Ysgoloriaethau / Scholarship Winners

  • 2016_NosonLawen_05


Saturn Moon Rocket At The US Rocket And Space Centre In Huntsville, Alabama

What kind of week did we have in Huntsville, Alabama, the Rocket City, for Cymdeithas Madog's 2016 Cwrs Cymraeg Welsh language week?  Well, it was a blast (off)!  Cwrs Cymraeg Dinas Y Roced ("The Rocket City Welsh Course"), July 17th to 24th, 2016, at the University of Alabama in Huntville was a very busy week of Welsh language learning that kept us going from the dawn's early light to nightfall.  There was lots of Welsh to learn for every myfyriwr ("student") from the complete beginner to the most experienced of Welsh language learners.  Our tutors made sure that our minds were filled to overflowing with yr hen iaith ("the old language").  There were also a variety of workshops to attend, a cwrs newspaper, and the famous Cymdeithas Madog Cwrs Cymraeg Dinas Y Roced choir to attend.

But when we weren't busy learning, there was time for relaxing evening activities including folk dancing, a quiz in the pub, a Welsh film night, Cwrs Cymraeg's Eisteddfod, a sumptuous banquet and a noson lawen (a talent night where everyone takes part).  The highlight of the week was all the Welsh that we learned.  A close second was our Wednesday field trip off campus to the US Rocket and Space Center in Huntsville.

When Sunday rolled around after a full week of Welsh learning, we backed our bags, said "hwyl fawr" ("good bye") to friends old and new, and made our way home.  But we won't forget the Welsh that we learned this week.  Now we have 51 weeks to practice the Welsh we have learned and prepare ourselves for the 2017 Cwrs Cymraeg at Siena College in Albany, New York.  See you there.

Class Pictures

It's always great to look back at all your classmates. To help bring back the great time on Cwrs Cymraeg Dinas Y Roced / The Rocket City Welsh Course at the University of Alabama in Huntsville, here are the class pictures. To see the pictures, click on the icon below

The Cwrs Newspaper

One of the best ways to learn about what happened on Cwrs Cymraeg Dinas y Roced at the University of Alabama in Huntsville is to read Y Roced ("The Rocket"), the official cwrs newspaper. Please note that you will require Adobe Reader or compatible software in order to read the newspaper.