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Cymdeithas Madog Web Links

Over the years, we have developed a collection of links to Welsh / Wales related sites that might be of use to our visitors. However, please note that Cymdeithas Madog provides these links "as is" and does not, in any way, endorse or warrant any of the views, goods, services or other matters to be found at these links.

Do you know of any other links that might fit into our list? If so, please forward us information on the link using our Links Submission Form.

  •  British / Celtic Sites (5)

    The following links to Celtic and British sites may be of interest to students of Welsh. Cymdeithas Madog provides this information as a public service, and is not responsible for the content of the associated pages.

  •  Cymraeg - The Welsh Language (13)

    There are a number of web sites which provide Welsh language students with Welsh lessons, grammar, vocabulary or practice. There are also a number of sites which have information on the Welsh language today.

  •  Languages & Linguistics (3)

    Here are some links to sites providing more information on languages and the study of linguistics.

  •  North American Welsh Societies (21)

    Many North American Welsh societies and organizations have web pages detailing their activities and how you might become more active with a Welsh community group near you

  •  North American Welsh Newspapers (1)

    There are monthly newspapers published in North America which provide information on what is happening in Wales and in Welsh societies around North America

  •  Welsh Sports, Activities & Games (4)

    Sports such as rugby, cricket and football (i.e., soccer) are very popular in Wales. Here are some links to Welsh athletic websites.

  •  Wales and Welsh Culture (46)

    Are you looking for general links to Wales? Want to know a little more about Welsh culture? How about travel information? Like to listen to a live Welsh language radio broadcast? Then this is the page for you.

  •  Welsh Education and Academia (11)

    Many Welsh schools and universities have web sites. Further, Wales-related programs are offered in North America by a number of universities. Here are some links to Welsh education on both sides of the Atlantic.

  •  Welsh Goods & Services (40)

    Are you looking for companies that sell Welsh goods? Here is a list of websites of firms in both North America and in Wales which sell Welsh products.

    Please note that Cymdeithas Madog provides these links "as is" and does not endorse or warrant any of the goods or services listed.