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How Cwrs Cymraeg Can Visit You

Every summer, Cymdeithas Madog sponsors its week long Cwrs Cymraeg in a different location - normally in North America. We are actively seeking potential local organizers for future years and the time to start planning is now!

Our highly successful courses are the fruit of a close working relationship between two essential teams: The Cymdeithas Madog board and the local organizing committee. Cymdeithas Madog provides resources, guidance and start-up funds and handles such things as teacher selection. However, we depend on a local organizing team at the course site to negotiate arrangements with the host institution, and to coordinate room and board, classroom space, teaching resources and local transportation for our teachers and students.

Initial checklist and questions

This may seem like an overwhelming task, but the following short list of questions will give you a place to start:

  1. Who is on your team? Are there keen individuals who are interested in promoting the Welsh language; or have strong organizing abilities:
  2. Can you think of potential venues for the course? Some questions to ask in a preliminary phone call to the college, university or conference centre are these: - Do you have space for approximately seventy course attendees; 6 classrooms; a meeting room for the whole group and residence accommodation nearby?
  3. What is your daily meal plan, or meals and accommodation?
  4. Do you have availability in the third or fourth week of July, from Sunday to Saturday night?
  5. Are there other specifics/considerations about your facility that we should bring to the attention of Cymdeithas Madog’s board?

The Venues committee will be happy to work with you on submitting a proposal, if you can gather those facts.

The mission of Cymdeithas Madog is to give as many people as possible, in as many regions as possible, the chance to learn yr hen iaith ("the old language"). Our collaboration with resourceful and hard-working local organizers over the years has allowed us to fulfill this mission with outstanding success. However, this partnership also serves to give a boost to the Welsh spirit of the host communities. The courses last only a week but their local impact can be long lasting. Often, after Cymdeithas Madog moves on, the Welsh learners in the area where the course was held start up a local class and continue studying. In this way, Cwrs Cymraeg blossoms into many Cyrsiau Cymraeg - a multitude of Welsh courses.

If you would like to see the Cwrs come to your area, please talk to your local Welsh Society, college or university about co-sponsoring a course with us. Then get in touch with our secretary who will gladly provide more details on how to become a Cwrs Cymraeg local organizer.

We're eager to hear from you and the sooner the better - please!