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There are many books about the "technical" side of the Welsh language that may be of interest to students of Welsh. Here are a list of some of these books.

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Cymraeg, Cymrâg, Cymrêg
B. Thomas & P. W. Thomas,
Gwasg Taf, Cardiff, 1989

Mutations In Welsh
M. J. Ball & N. Miller,
Routledge, London, 1992

Pembrokeshire Welsh: A Phonological Study
G. M. Awbery,
Welsh Folk Museum, Cardiff, 1986

The Celtic Languages
M. J. Ball & J. Fife, Editors,
Routledge, London, 1993

The Semantics Of The Welsh Verb: A Cognitive Approach
J. Fife,
University Of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1990

The Syntax Of The Modern Celtic Languages
Syntax And Semantics, Volume 23,
R. Hendrick, Editor,
Academic Press, San Diego, 1990

The Syntax Of Welsh: A Transformational Study Of The Passive,
G. M. Awbery,
Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, 1976

The Use Of Welsh: A Contribution To Sociolinguistics
M. J. Ball,
Multilingual Matters Ltd., Clevendon, 1988

The Welsh Language
J. Davies,
University Of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1993

The Welsh Language: Studies In Its Syntax And Semantics
M. Jones & A. R. Thomas,
University Of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1977

Welsh Phonology: Selected Readings
M. J. Ball & G. E. Jones, Editiors,
University Of Wales Press, Cardiff, 1984

Welsh Syntax: A Government-Binding Approach
L. Sadler,
Croom Helm, London, 1988

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