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Sefydliad Astudiaethau Cymreig
Yng Ngogledd America
Welsh Studies Institute
in North America, Inc.

Cymdeithas Madog, the Welsh Studies Institute in North America Inc., is a tax-exempt, non-profit organization dedicated to helping North Americans learn, use and enjoy the Welsh language. It takes its name from Madog ab Owain Gwynedd, a Welsh prince who sailed (according to legend) to America in the 12th century. That makes him a fitting symbol of the cultural and linguistic links which Cymdeithas Madog maintains between Wales and the New World.

Cymdeithas Madog is a clearinghouse for information about Welsh language resources. We can help you find Welsh literature, publications from Wales, books about Wales and Welsh in Welsh and English, Welsh music, and Welsh resources on the internet.

The Welsh language is alive and active, and is waiting for you. So don't delay. Write today to see what Cymdeithas Madog has to offer you. Write or e-mail:

Sarah Stevenson, Secretary,
Cymdeithas Madog,
324 Shannon Drive,
Modesto, CA,


Cwrs Cymraeg 2009 group photo

Cwrs Cymraeg 2009: Cwrs Goleuni'r Gogledd / The Northern Lights Course

Cwrs Cymraeg 2005 - Cwrs Cymraeg Y Ddeilen GochCwrs Cymraeg 2011 - Cwrs Dyffryn Shenandoah: The St. David's Society of D.C., the St. David's Society of Philadephia, and the Welsh Society of Fredericksburg join Cymdeithas Madog in inviting you to the Washington, D.C. area next summer to learn Welsh language and culture.

Cwrs Cymraeg 2010 - Cwrs Cymru Deg: We had a fabulous week of Welsh language learning in Cardiff, Wales. There will be reports, pictures and more available soon. So make sure to come back regularly.

About Cwrs Cymraeg: Learn more about how you can learn "yr hen iaith" ("the old language") by attending Cymdeithas Madog's Cwrs Cymraeg Welsh language week. See where we've been over the years, and find out how you could bring Cwrs Cymraeg to your area!

Ysgoloriaethau / Scholarships Scholarship Information: If you want to come to Cwrs Cymraeg but don't have the financial where-with-all, we may be able to assist you to learn Welsh. Visit our scholarship information page for more details..

Ymunwch A'n Rhestr E-Bost / Join Our E-Mail List Join Our E-mail List: If you would like to receive our periodic e-mail announcements, join our e-mail list.

Deunyddiau I Ddechreuwyr / Materials For Learners Materials For Learners: We have materials for "dysgwyr" ("learners") on-line including lessons, hints and cwrs humour. The highlight is the winning entries in the annual Cymdeithas Madog Cwrs Cymraeg Chair competition.

Gwasanaethau / Services Services: Cymdeithas Madog can offer a number of services to learners including cassette tapes and a video lending library. Learn how Cwrs Cymraeg can come to your neighbourhood. Find out how your generosity might help more students learn Welsh at Cwrs Cymraeg.

Lluniau O Gymru / Pictures Of Wales Photos Of Wales: Visit Wales through our collection of pictures.

Dolenni / Links Links: We have a large collection of links to Welsh web sites (both in Wales and in North America).



Cymdeithas Madog, The Welsh Studies Institute in North America, Inc., is a non-profit organization governed by a Board of Directors.


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