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What Is Cwrs Cymraeg?

What is Cymdeithas Madog's Cwrs Cymraeg? How can it help you learn Welsh? Here is some information to help you to learn about our program:


What is Cwrs Cymraeg and how can it help you learn Welsh? Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for the answers.

class levels

Cwrs Cymraeg has classes suitable for every level of Welsh language learner ranging from complete beginner to advanced student. Which class is suitable for you? Visit our Class Levels page and find out.


Since the first Cwrs Cymraeg in Poultney, Vermont in 1977, Cymdeithas Madog has been holding an annual Welsh language cwrs in different parts of North American and even in Wales. Visit our History of Cwrs Cymraeg page to see where we've been and what we did. You can also view the history of Cwrs Cymraeg through our gallery of Cwrs Cymraeg T-Shirts.


Would you like to work with Cymdeithas Madog to bring Cwrs Cymraeg to your area? Visit our How Cwrs Cymraeg Can Visit You page for details.