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The Cymdeithas Madog Scholarship Endowment Fund

For more than 30 years, Cymdeithas Madog has provided a unique opportunity to study the Welsh language in North America. Through the generosity of the Welsh National Gymanfa Ganu Association (WNGGA) and the National Welsh American Foundation (NWAF), Cymdeithas Madog has been able to offer each year a limited number of partial scholarships to help students attend the course. In addition to the partial scholarships, Cymdeithas Madog offers the Naomi Mergenthal Memorial Scholarship, a fully paid scholarship for one young person. In many cases, the award makes a crucial difference, but in other cases, it is not enough to enable a prospective student to attend.

In recent years, with the Cymdeithas Madog web site and increasing use of the Internet, more people, including university students, have expressed interest in attending the courses. While the organization is pleased about this trend, it highlights the existing need for more full scholarships. In response, Cymdeithas Madog, a non-profit organization (501c3) has established a Scholarship Endowment Fund and is now seeking donations. Contributions are U.S. tax deductible. The goal is to add to a $12,000 fund to build a $25,000 balance. The interest earned will be enough to provide the equivalent of two full scholarships each year, in addition to current scholarship programs.

You are invited to make a donation to Cymdeithas Madog for this purpose. There are numerous opportunities to do so. If you have ever received a scholarship, and now find yourself in a more stable financial situation, you are encouraged to donate the value of the scholarship you received. When making a memorial donation, consider the Scholarship Endowment Fund. Think of making a donation to honour a family member or friend for their birthday, anniversary, or other gift-giving occasion. Honour your Welsh ancestors with a donation in their name. You can make a deferred gift by including Cymdeithas Madog in your will. Each donor will receive a certificate of recognition.

Please send your contributions to:

Maegan Langer
640 W. Blue Spruce Rd.,
Alpine, UT 84004

Please make cheques payable to The Cymdeithas Madog Scholarship Endowment Fund.

Alternatively, you can make your donation to the Cymdeithas Madog Scholarship Endowment Fund via our Friends of Madog donation page.

Potentially your gift can be doubled: contact your employer to determine if they match employee charitable contributions.